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What can you do as a parent and citizen of Texas?

  • Keep a watchful eye out for suspicious persons in or around your area
  • Have a known reliable adult keep an eye on children while playing
  • Have a recent color photo of your children or family members handy
  • Have a list of physical characteristics, prescription drugs, mental status and
  • Keep a record of known friends, play locations and other information to aid in the search
  • Check thorughly inside your residence, outside and call known friends before calling 9-1-1
  • Note the time and last place the child or person was seen
  • CALL 9-1-1

If your child or family member has gone missing DON’T WAIT, CALL 911

Northeast Texas Child Abduction Response Team (CART) is a Law Enforcement based non-profit 501(c) (3) organization providing officer and community education programs on missing person’s response, human trafficking and mental/spiritual/physical health.

Our 60+ member team of officers come from Rockwall, Hunt, Kaufman, and Collin counties in North Texas to rapidly respond with available resources to a request for support from any law enforcement agency. The response includes containment, search, canvassing, investigative and other resources supporting the lead agency.

Our training programs include Project Archangel, a program educating families human trafficking in Texas, the root causes of child runaways, and typical traits of a troubled family member, identifying child or drug abuse victims, and preparing family’s response when their loved one is missing.

We are 100% funded by private donations which pay for training classes, materials, missing persons response tools, family education programs and field exercises.

If you would like to donate to Northeast Texas CART using a credit card click on the Donate link.


How long will child live?

  • When the primary motive of the abductor was sexual assault


Die Within a Half Hour


Die In The First Three Hours


Survive More Than a Day


Dead Before Reported Missing